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Presentation and management outcome of tibial infected non‑union with Ilizarov technique

Karim Bakhsh; Atiq-Ur-Rehman; Faridullah Khan Zimri; Eid Mohammad; Wazir Ahmed; Muhammad Saaiq;
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  • Published: 07 Jan 2019 Journal: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, volume 35 (issn: 1682-024X, eissn: 1681-715X, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences
Objective: To document the presentation of tibial infected non-union and analyze the management outcome with Ilizarov technique in terms of bone results, functional outcome, bone transport time, external fixation time, external fixation index and any complications.
 Methods: This case series was conducted at the Departments of Orthopedic Surgery, National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (NIRM), Islamabad and Civil hospital, Quetta over a period of 3-years.
 Results: There were 56 patients with 53(94.64%) males and 3(5.35%) females. The age range was 16-50 years with a mean of 32.58±9.98years. According to ASAMI criteria, bone results were excellen...
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