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Synthesis of Ferrous Bis-glycinate chelate and its influence in Blood Factors of Cyprinus carpio

Esmailzade, Nayersadat;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2017
Ferrous Glycine Complex is a special form of chelated ferrous reported to be effective in anima improvement resulted from iron deficiency in adults, adolescents and children. To synthesize ferrous glycine complex, primarily glycine is solved in water and sodium hydroxide, then iron sulfate is added in it and the obtained solution shall be added to Ethanol to form ferrous glycine complex sediment. The resulted sediment is filtered and dried in drier. In the present study, iron cation is combined with glycine ligands and formed glycine-iron complex. Objective of the present research is to study changes in blood factors of 120 Cyprinus carpio were fed with average ...
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free text keywords: Biology, Fisheries, Biology, Fisheries, Ferrous Glycine Complex, Hematology, Cyprinus carpio
Fisheries and Aquaculture Management

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