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Publication . Conference object . 1988

Development of Inconel Alloy MA 6000 Turbine Blades for Advanced Gas Turbine Engine Designs

B. A. Ewing; S. K. Jain;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 1988
Publisher: TMS

This paper deals with Allison’s work with the MA 6000 alloy aimed at near-net-shape forgings and thermal protection coatings for uncooled turbine blade applications. The work described is presented from the user’s viewpoint and summarizes the ongoing efforts of a team that included leaders in oxide dispersion strengthening (ODS) alloy production and the forging of these alloys into near-net-shape airfoil configurations. Results that were achieved in this program to date include the attainment of conventional forging schedules at both Textron Excello and Doncasters Monk Bridge for producing a near-net-shape shrouded second stage T406 turbine blade configuration. In addition, Doncasters was able to demonstrate their ability to EDM machine their forgings to required airfoil dimensions. The Excello and Doncasters stress rupture results were both competitive with single crystals in the high temperature/low stress regime, with the Doncasters blades showing the best performance. Also, results of oxidation testing performed at 2150°F on a new duplex coating system were very promising. The data showed that the new coating system was superior to that of contemporary coating systems and that the MA 6000 coating interface was free of porosity after 400 hours of exposure. Overall, it was shown that near-net-shape forging to produce complicated MA 6000 turbine airfoils has the potential for significantly improved temperature capabilities relative to the CMSX-3 single crystal alloy in selected high taper ratio low stress turbine blade designs. For certain applications and configurations, the reduced input stock and attendant cost savings inherent with the conventional forging process appeared to justify this approach. For other applications that are less complicated from a configuration viewpoint the machining of the airfoils from extruded and hot rolled product may represent the best approach.

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