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Publication . Conference object . 2015

Evaluation paradigm selection according to Common Criteria for an incremental product development

Andreas Daniel Sinnhofer; Wolfgang Raschke; Christian Steger; Christian Kreiner;
Open Access
Published: 20 Jan 2015

Today, agile product development techniques are widely used providing a rapidly and steadily progression of incremental product improvements. Traditionally, a product certification is issued in a late stage of the development process, although some Common Criteria evaluation paradigm would exists to support an agile or modular development process. The usage of such a paradigm would result in a beneficial certification process, since the evaluator gains experience through the maturing product. To provide a systematic way to integrate the evaluation process into the development process - and thus saving money and time - we have identified use case scenarios with the according evaluation paradigm, providing a selection scheme for the right paradigm.


Common Criteria, Security Evaluation

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