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Publication . Preprint . Research . Other literature type . 2020

Eradicate Coronavirus by blocking replication, counteracting its defense system

Kira Smith;
Open Access  
SIRT1 inhibitors can reduce replication of many viruses with certain similar characteristics to those of Coronaviruses, while p53 protein is another important factor in down-regulation of growth. There are some molecules that inhibit Sirtuin 1 and 2, in addition to activate p53 protein, by means of regulation of the interactions used by Coronaviruses as self-defense mechanism, degradating it. Even mTOR signal will be regulate, as well as HIF-1α with the target genes and cytokines. Autophagy will be inhibited, being this compound like a lysosomotropic agent. By blocking virus growth and continuous replication, associating the already tested Antiviral medicines, Covid-19 could be eradicated.
Created and uploaded on on March 2020.
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111706 Epidemiology, FOS: Health sciences, 110804 Medical Virology, 111599 Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences not elsewhere classified, FOS: Clinical medicine, 60199 Biochemistry and Cell Biology not elsewhere classified, FOS: Biological sciences, 60107 Enzymes, 60502 Infectious Agents, 110309 Infectious Diseases, Medicine, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, 60111 Signal Transduction, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Covid, Sars-Cov-2, Coronavirus replication, SIRT1 inhibitors, SIRT1, p53, mTOR, Autophagy, Lysosomotropic, Tenovin, HIF, Cytokines, Cytokines Storm, Treatment, Covid-19 treatment, HIF-1α, Eradicate Coronavirus

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