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Publication . 2020

Guided Analytics Software for Smart Aggregation, Cognition and Interactive Visualisation

Aleksandar Karadimce, Natasa Paunkoska (Dimoska), Dijana Capeska Bogatinoska, Ninoslav Marina and Amita Nandal;
Open Access
Published: 17 Jan 2020
Publisher: Zenodo

The development of tools that improve efficiency and inject intelligent insights into social media businesses through guided analytics is crucial for consumers, prosumers, and business markets. These tools enable contextualised socially aware and spatial-temporal data aggregation, knowledge extraction, cognitive learning about users` behaviour, and risk quantification for business markets. The proposed Tools for Analytics and Cognition framework will provide a tool-set of guided analytics software for smart aggregation, cognition and interactive visualisation with a monitoring dashboard. The aggregation, monitoring, cognitive reasoning, and learning modules will analyse the behaviour and engagement of the social media actors, diagnose performance risks and provide guided analytics to consumers, prosumers and application providers to improve collaboration and revenues, using the established Pareto-trust model. This framework will provide a seamless coupling with distributed blockchain-based services for early alert, real-time tracking and updated data triggers for reach and engagement analysis of events. Moreover, this will allow users to analyse, control and track their Return on Investment to enhance monetary inclusion in collaborative social media.


Guided Analytics, Data Aggregation, Augmented Cognitive, Microservices, Social Media, Geospatial, Temporal

Funded by
smART socIal media eCOsytstem in a blockchaiN Federated environment
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 825134
  • Funding stream: H2020 | RIA
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