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Publication . Preprint . 2019

Crazy Sequential Representations: Fill the Gaps (02)

Bras, A.E.; Velden, V.H.J. Van Der;
Open Access
Others have attempted to write the natural numbers from 1 to 11111 in terms of 1 to 9 (in increasing and decreasing order) by using the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and/or potentiation (and optionally parentheses). Generally these expressions are referred to as crazy sequential representations. Authors previously identified numerous crazy sequential representations for the natural numbers from 1 up to 2147483647 and for the negative integers from -1 down to -2147483647. Authors now attempted to identify any crazy sequential representation for the integers without any crazy sequential representation (within the -2147483647 up to 2147483647 range as published previously).

Crazy Sequential Representation, 10958