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Publication . Conference object . 2019

Nanc-in-a-Can Canon Generator. SuperCollider code capable of generating and visualizing temporal canons critically and algorithmically

Cortina, Diego Villaseñor De; Briones, Alejandro Franco;
Open Access
Published: 16 Jan 2019
Publisher: Zenodo

In the present paper a SuperCollider library designed to produce temporal canons, like the ones proposed by Conlon Nancarrow, is explored in order to create new temporal conceptions within the field of live coding. We will define temporal canon as a composition strategy that allows a poly-temporal audition by expressing a single musical idea at different speeds simultaneously. Likewise, our intention is to socialise the work of Nancarrow, often captured by a reduced academic niche, so it may be integrated into a broader and more diverse context. In this paper a broad introduction to the library is provided that emphasises some of its salient aspects that overlap with specific interests of live coders. By de-canonising the ideas of Nancarrow and approaching them from a heterodox and unconventional perspective we attempt to unravel understandings of time and rhythm beyond the scope of the music of Conlon Nancarrow as well as the practices of Mexican and international live coding communities.

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