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Stress distribution and seismicity patterns of the 2011 seismic swarm in the Messinia basin, (South-Western Peloponnesus), Greece

Gerasimos Chouliaras; G. Drakatos; K. Pavlou; Konstantinos Makropoulos;
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  • Published: 27 Sep 2018
<jats:p>Abstract. In this investigation we examine the local stress field and the seismicity patterns associated with the 2011–2012 seismicity swarm in the Messinia basin, south-western Peloponnesus, Greece, using the seismological data of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA). During this swarm more than 2000 events were recorded in a 12 month period by the Hellenic Unified Seismological Network (HUSN) and also by the additional local installation of four portable broadband seismographic stations by NOA. The results indicate a Gaussian distribution of swarm activity and the development of a seismicity cluster in a pre-existing seismic gap within the Messinia...
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free text keywords: General Earth and Planetary Sciences, Induced seismicity, Geology, Stress field, Seismology, Epicenter, Swarm behaviour, Structural basin, Stress distribution, Extensional definition, Seismic gap, lcsh:Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering, lcsh:TD1-1066, lcsh:Geography. Anthropology. Recreation, lcsh:G, lcsh:Environmental sciences, lcsh:GE1-350, lcsh:Geology, lcsh:QE1-996.5
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