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La mandibule de l’adulte Qafzeh 25 (Paléolithique moyen), Basse Galilée. Reconstruction virtuelle 3D et analyse morphométrique

Alexandra Schuh; Bruno Dutailly; Dany Coutinho Nogueira; Frédéric Santos; Baruch Arensburg; Bernard Vandermeersch; Hélène Coqueugniot; Anne Marie Tillier;
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  • Published: 05 Dec 2019
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Country: France
Within the Qafzeh Middle Palaeolithic hominin sample from Lower Galilee, the Qafzeh 25 adult skeletal elements have been severely damaged during fossilization and especially the skull and mandible have been bilaterally compressed. Following advances provided by 3D imaging techniques, in this study we propose a virtual reconstruction of the mandible using computed tomography (CT) scans of the original fossil material. This virtual reconstruction was performed using TIVMI software program and enabled us to provide the first comparative and morphometric analysis of Qafzeh 25 with other Palaeolithic and Epipalaeolithic mandibles from the Mediterranean Levant.
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free text keywords: Qafzeh, Early modern human, Virtual reconstruction, Mousterian, Southern Levant, Levant Sud, Reconstruction virtuelle, Moustérien, Premier homme moderne, [SHS.ANTHRO-BIO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Biological anthropology, [SHS.ARCHEO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Archaeology and Prehistory, Early modern human ; Qafzeh ; Virtual reconstruction ; Mousterian ; Southern Levant, Levant Sud ; Moustérien ; Premier homme moderne ; Reconstruction virtuelle ; Qafzeh, Morphometric analysis, Geography, Archaeology, Computed tomography, medicine.diagnostic_test, medicine, Virtual reconstruction, Southern Levant, Mousterian
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