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A Naturally Occurring Antioxidant Complex from Unripe Grapes: The Case of Sangiovese (v. Vitis vinifera)

Ginevra Bucalossi; Bruno Zanoni; Francesca Borghini; Claudio Gori; Giovanna Fia;
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  • Published: 01 Feb 2018 Journal: Antioxidants, volume 7, page 27 (eissn: 2076-3921, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
The wine industry is well known for its production of a large amount of wastes and by-products. Among them, unripe grapes from thinning operations are an undervalued by-product. Grapes are an interesting source of natural antioxidants such as flavonoids, non-flavonoids and stilbenes. A potential strategy to exploit unripe grapes was investigated in this study. Juice from unripe grapes, v. Sangiovese, was obtained by an innovative technique of solid-liquid extraction without the use of solvents. The juice was dried by a spray-drying technique with the addition of arabic gum as support to obtain powder; juice and powder were characterized for antioxidant activity,...
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