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The Effect of Vibration Characteristics on the Atomization Rate in a Micro-Tapered Aperture Atomizer

Yan, Qiufeng; Zhang, Jianhui; Huang, Jun; Wang, Ying;
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  • Published: 21 Mar 2018 Journal: Sensors, volume 18, issue 4 (issn: 1424-8220, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
Because little is known about the atomization theory of a micro-tapered aperture atomizer, we investigated the vibration characteristics of this type of atomizer. The atomization mechanism of a micro-tapered aperture atomizer was described, and the atomization rate equation was deduced. As observed via microscopy, the angle of the micro-tapered aperture changes with the applied voltage, which proved the existence of a dynamic cone angle. The forward and reverse atomization rates were measured at various voltages, and the influence of the micro-tapered aperture and its variation on the atomization rate was characterized. The resonance frequency of the piezoelectr...
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free text keywords: micro-tapered aperture, angle changes, atomization rate, vibration characteristics, Article, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics, Biochemistry, lcsh:Chemical technology, lcsh:TP1-1185, Ligand cone angle, Piezoelectricity, Aperture, Resonance, Vibration, Voltage, Laser Doppler vibrometer, Rate equation, Optics, business.industry, business, Materials science
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