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Publication . Article . 2021

Nanodispersions of TiO2 in Water for Removing Acrylic Films Used in Conservation

Giulia Giuntoli; Marta Bini; Benedetta Ciuffi; Barbara Salvadori; Giovanni Baldi; Luca Rosi;
Open Access
Published: 01 Nov 2021
Publisher: Molecular Diversity Preservation International, Basel
Country: Italy
The influence of a nanodispersion of TiO2 in water (nanoparticle size: 40 nm, polydispersity index: 0.25), brushed on a Paraloid film and subjected to UV–Vis irradiation was evaluated. The TiO2 nanodispersions showed a tendency to reduce the molecular weight of Paraloid due to its photocatalytic properties. FTIR and GPC analyses and SEM images suggested the degradation of the polymer, while chromatic variations of the films were scarcely detected. This study is very remarkable in the perspective of using this material for the removal of polymeric films used in conservation.
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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Dispersity Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy Irradiation Nanoparticle Polymer chemistry.chemical_classification chemistry Materials science Chemical engineering Acrylic polymer Photocatalysis Degradation (geology)


paraloid, acrylic polymers, TiO2 nanodispersion, stone conservation, nanoparticles, photo-oxidation, photocatalytic properties, film removal, cultural heritage, TiO<sub>2</sub> nanodispersion, Organic chemistry, QD241-441, Communication, Acrylic polymers; Cultural heritage; Film removal; Nanoparticles; Paraloid; Photo-oxidation; Photocatalytic properties; Stone conservation; TiO; 2; nanodispersion, Polymers and Plastics, General Chemistry