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Publication . Article . Conference object . 2012

Neolithic settlement in Bylany: taking a new look at old digs

P. Kvčtina; M. Končelová; H. Brzobohatá; R. Čumberová; J. Čídkč; I. Pavlč;
Open Access
Published: 29 Oct 2012
Publisher: Multi Science Publishing
Country: Cyprus
The aim of the project is to apply 3D scanning technology to create a virtual museum providing a picture of the Neolithic culture, based on the example of the settlement in Bylany (Czech Republic), dating from the 6th - 5th millennium B. C. The main parameter of the applied research is to set up a methodology for recording and presenting archaeological finds digitally. The basic technology is optical 3D scanning of artefacts that exactly reflect the 3D surface geometry and will bring new presentation possibilities. Acquired digital records can also serve as well as for research and educational purposes on all academic levels. The project's most important output consists in a virtual museum on the web of the Neolithic settlement area. Moreover, the open library of 3D scans will integrate a thematic GIS map of the Bylany site and its virtual model showing different forms of the immovable heritage (i. e., houses, circle enclosures and villages). Institute of Archaeology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Letenská 4, 118 01 Prague, Czech Republic.
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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Czech language.human_language language Pottery Archaeology 3d scanning Visual arts Applied research Digital records Geography Presentation media_common.quotation_subject media_common Settlement (litigation) Thematic map


Virtual museum, Archaeology, Neolithic settlement, Bylany (Czech Republic), Pottery, Lithics, GIS, 3D optical scanning