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Eosinophils: From low- to high-affinity immunoglobulin E receptors

Monique Capron; A. Soussi Gounni; M. Morita; Marie-José Truong; Lionel Prin; Jean-Pierre Kinet; André Capron;
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  • Published: 14 May 2007
Several experimental approaches have been used to identify immunoglobulin (IgE) binding molecules expressed by human eosinophils. After the description that Fc epsilon RII/CD23 identified on eosinophils could participate in IgE binding and IgE-mediated cytotoxicity, Mac2/epsilon binding proteins belonging to the S-type lectin family were also detected on human eosinophils. Anti-Mac2 monoclonal antibodies inhibited eosinophil-dependent cytotoxicity towards parasitic targets. More recently, Fc epsilon RI was demonstrated on human eosinophils from hypereosinophilic patients. The 3 components of Fc epsilon RI, alpha, beta and gamma chains, were detected in eosinophi...
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