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Publication . Conference object . Article . 2019

Design of device IoT parameter collector at photovoltaic panels

Rafael Alvarez; Cesar Echeverria; Marvin Fortin; Erick Blanco;
Open Access
Spanish; Castilian
Published: 01 Oct 2019
Country: El Salvador

This paper describes the design and functioning by stages that compose the environmental and electric parameter recollecting device for research Purposes, energetic efficiency, that take place in the production of electric energy using a photovoltaic panel. The device has a local storage through an uSD memory card and remote cloud storage. The device is classified as an IoT device. The information can be accessed through a mobile app. It has temperature, UV rays, light, current, voltage and power sensors. A prototype of the device has been constructed and the results of this prototype are shown in a display and the electric variables were compared using a calibrated multimeter.

Subjects by Vocabulary

Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Power (physics) Photovoltaic system Illuminance Cloud storage Voltage Photodetector Computer science Electrical engineering business.industry business Temperature measurement Multimeter


Internet of Things, Photovoltaic, Photodetector, Power Measurement, Voltage Measurement, Current Measurement, Illuminance, Solar Panels, Temperature Measurement, UV Ray Measurement, I2C Protocol

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