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Publication . Article . 2020

Subradiant bound dimer excited states of emitter chains coupled to a one dimensional waveguide

Yu-Xiang Zhang; Chuan Yu; Klaus Mølmer;
Open Access   English  
Published: 19 Feb 2020 Journal: Physical Review Research, volume 2, issue 1 (eissn: 2643-1564, Copyright policy )
Country: Denmark
This article shows that chains of optical or microwave emitters coupled to a one-dimensional (1D) waveguide support subradiant states with close pairs of excited emitters, which have longer lifetimes than even the most subradiant states with only a single excitation. Exact, analytical expressions for nonradiative excitation dimer states are obtained in the limit of infinite chains. To understand the mechanism underlying these states, we present a formal equivalence between subradiant dimers and single localized excitations around a chain defect (unoccupied site). Our analytical mapping permits extension to emitter chains coupled to the 3D free space vacuum field.
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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Common emitter Excited state Physics Dimer chemistry.chemical_compound chemistry Molecular physics Waveguide (acoustics)

arXiv: Physics::Accelerator Physics


Light-matter interaction, Nanoqtech, Quantum technologies, Rare earth, hybrid quantum systems, square

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