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Commonalities in Metabolism of Arsenicals

Blakely M. Adair; Stephen B. Waters; Vicenta Devesa; Zuzana Drobná; Miroslav Styblo; David J. Thomas;
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  • Published: 27 Sep 2005
Environmental Context. Health effects associated with inorganic arsenic include various cancers and increased risk of diabetes. Millions of people in Bangladesh and India are at risk through use of contaminated drinking water. When humans ingest inorganic arsenic, it is rapidly converted to methylated metabolites. Although this methylation process is largely understood, the metabolism of other arsenicals (e.g. arsenosugars to dimethylarsenic) is very unclear. Connections among pathways for metabolism of various arsenicals are now being elucidated. Commonalities and differences in these pathways may be important determinants of the risk associated with exposure t...
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