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Publication . Article . Conference object . 2019

Progress for research of grape and wine culture in Georgia, the South Caucasus

David Maghradze; A. Aslanishvili; I. Mdinaradze; D. Tkemaladze; L. Mekhuzla; David Lordkipanidze; Mindia Jalabadze; +23 Authors
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2019 Journal: BIO Web of Conferences, volume 12 (issn: 2117-4458, Copyright policy )
Publisher: EDP Sciences
International audience; This communication will provide the latest information about the progress of the "Research Project for the Study of Georgian Grapes and Wine Culture", managed by the National Wine Agency of Georgia since 2014. Local and foreign institutions continue to work together with the aim of stimulating multidisciplinary scientific research activity on Georgian viticulture and viniculture and to reconstruct their development from Neolithic civilizations to the present. The project is multidisciplinary in nature, merging contributions from archaeology, history, ethnography, molecular genetics, biomolecular archaeology, palaeobotany, ampelography, enology, climatology and other scientific fields.
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Library of Congress Subject Headings: lcsh:Microbiology lcsh:QR1-502 lcsh:Physiology lcsh:QP1-981 lcsh:Zoology lcsh:QL1-991

Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Oenology Ethnography Anthropology Viticulture Georgian language.human_language language History Agency (sociology) Wine


[SDV.BV]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Vegetal Biology, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biologie végétale, Vegetal Biology, géorgie, raisin, vin, paléobotanique, ampelographie, viticulture

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