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Pulling cylindrical particles using a soft-nonparaxial tractor beam

Andrey Novitsky; Weiqiang Ding; Maoyan Wang; Dongliang Gao; Andrei V. Lavrinenko; Cheng-Wei Qiu;
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  • Published: 05 Apr 2017 Journal: Scientific Reports, volume 7 (eissn: 2045-2322, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
In order to pull objects towards the light source a single tractor beam inevitably needs to be strongly nonparaxial. This stringent requirement makes such a tractor beam somewhat hypothetical. Here we reveal that the cylindrical shape of dielectric particles can effectively mitigate the nonparaxiality requirements, reducing the incidence angle of the partial plane waves of the light beam down to 45 degrees and even to 30 degrees for respectively dipole and dipole-quadrupole objects. The optical pulling force attributed to the interaction of magnetic dipole and magnetic quadrupole moments of dielectric cylinders occurs due to the TE rather than TM polarization. T...
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41 references, page 1 of 3
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