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Synthesis and Molecular Structure of a Copper Octaiodocorrole

Ivar K. Thomassen; Laura J. McCormick; Abhik Ghosh;
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  • Published: 09 May 2018 Journal: ACS Omega, volume 3, pages 5,106-5,110 (issn: 2470-1343, eissn: 2470-1343, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: American Chemical Society (ACS)
Source at Although rather delicate on account of their propensity to undergo deiodination, β-octaiodoporphyrinoids are of considerable interest as potential precursors to novel β-octasubstituted macrocycles. Presented herein are early results of our efforts to synthesize β-octaiodocorrole derivatives. Oxidative condensation of 3,4-diiodopyrrole and aromatic aldehydes failed to yield free-base octaiodocorroles. Treatment of copper meso-tris(p-cyanophenyl)corrole with N-iodosuccinimide and trifluoroacetic acid over several hours, however, yielded the desired β-octaiodinated product in ∼22% yield. Single-crystal X-ray stru...
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