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Allometric relationships and effects of temperature on clearance and oxygen consumption rates of Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg)

Serge Bougrier; Philippe Geairon; Jean-Marc Deslous-Paoli; Gérard Jonquières; Cédric Bacher;
  • Published: 01 Jul 1995
  • Publisher: Elsevier BV
Abstract Clearance and oxygen consumption rates of Crassostrea gigas were investigated with animals of 5–200 g total wet weight (0.1–3 g dry tissue weight), and at different temperatures (5–32 °C) after 10 days acclimation. During this period significant mortalities were observed at 32 °C, which may be close to the upper thermal limit for this species. For each temperature, allometric relationships between physiological rates and the dry weight (DW, g) of the animal were estimated. Clearance rate (CR, 1·h−1) was maximal at 19 °C; oxygen consumption rate (VO2, mgO2·h−1) increased over the range of experimental temperatures (T, °C). Two statistical models are prop...
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