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A to Z of the muon anomalous magnetic moment in the MSSM with Pati-Salam at the GUT scale

Steve F. King; José Eliel Camargo-Molina; David J. Miller; Alexander Belyaev; Alexander Belyaev; António P. Morais; António P. Morais; Patrick B. Schaefers;
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  • Published: 23 Jun 2016
  • Publisher: Springer/SISSA
  • Country: United Kingdom
Comment: 29 pages, 14 figures; [v2] added references, corrected minor typos
arXiv: High Energy Physics::PhenomenologyHigh Energy Physics::Experiment
free text keywords: Nuclear and High Energy Physics, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, Science & Technology, Physical Sciences, Physics, Particles & Fields, Supersymmetry Phenomenology, SUPERSYMMETRIC THEORIES, G-2, MODEL, SUPERGRAVITY, PROGRAM, LIGHT, ORDER, LHC, hep-ph, 01 Mathematical Sciences, 02 Physical Sciences, Nuclear & Particles Physics, Particle physics, Muon, Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model, Anomalous magnetic dipole moment, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Grand Unified Theory, Pati–Salam model, Supersymmetry, Higgs boson, Physics
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