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Publication . Article . 2001

Low-spin states of doubly odd $^{182}$Au

J. Sauvage; F. Ibrahim; B. Roussière; J. Genevey; A. Gizon; G. Marguier; P. Kilcher; +10 Authors
Closed Access
Published: 01 Apr 2001
Publisher: HAL CCSD
Country: France

Low-spin states of 184Au have been studied using the β+/EC decay of 184Hg. γ-ray and conversion-electron singles spectra were recorded with 184Hg mass-separated sources. For γ-γ-t and X-γ-t coincidence measurements, mercury nuclei were produced in the 148Sm + 40Ar reaction and transported by a He-jet system. The electron spectra were recorded from 184Hg sources produced at ISOLDE. A level scheme of 184Au including 48 transitions is proposed. The experimental results are interpreted in the frame of a semi-microscopic axial-rotor-plus-two-quasiparticle model developed in the context of the HF+BCS approximation.

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arXiv: Nuclear Experiment

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