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Publication . Article . Preprint . 2021

Integration Operators in Average Radial Integrability Spaces of Analytic Functions

Tanausú Aguilar-Hernández; Manuel D. Contreras; Luis Rodríguez-Piazza;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2021 Journal: Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics, volume 18 (issn: 1660-5446, eissn: 1660-5454, Copyright policy )
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
Country: Spain

In this paper we characterize the boundedness, compactness, and weak compactness of the integration operators Tg(f)(z) = ˆ z 0 f(w)g (w) dw acting on the average radial integrability spaces RM(p, q). For these purposes, we develop different tools such as a description of the bidual of RM(p, 0) and estimates of the norm of these spaces using the derivative of the functions, a family of results that we call Littlewood–Paley type inequalities. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Spain, and the European Union (FEDER) PGC2018-094215-13-100 Junta de Andalucía, Spain FQM133 Junta de Andalucía, Spain FQM-104

Subjects by Vocabulary

Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Pure mathematics Mathematics Type (model theory) Compact space Analytic function Derivative


General Mathematics, Mixed norm spaces, Integration operator, Littlewood–Paley type inequalities, Mathematics - Functional Analysis, 30H20 (Primary), 47B33 (Primary), 47D06 (Primary), 46E15(Secondary), 47G10(Secondary), Functional Analysis (math.FA), FOS: Mathematics

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