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Publication . Conference object . Part of book or chapter of book . 2018

Kinematics-based strategy for the design of a pediatric hand exoskeleton prototype

Matteo Bianchi; Nicola Secciani; Alessandro Ridolfi; Federica Vannetti; Guido Pasquini;
Open Access
Published: 30 Oct 2018
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Country: Italy
The number of scientific researches focusing on designing assistive or rehabilitative robotics devices has remarkably increased with respect to just a few decades ago. However, when it comes to developing such devices for children, literature becomes poor. This paper presents the work carried out by the researchers of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence in order to design and develop an assistive hand exoskeleton for a child. The results of a preliminary ergonomics test are also given at the end of the paper.
Subjects by Vocabulary

Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Artificial intelligence business.industry business Human factors and ergonomics Kinematics Robotics Computer science Test (assessment) Human–computer interaction Exoskeleton


Mechanics of Materials; Mechanical Engineering; Wearable Robotics; Robotics; Hand exoskeletons

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