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Active-sterile neutrino oscillations at INO-ICAL over a wide mass-squared range

Amol Dighe; Moon Moon Devi; T. Thakore; T. Thakore; Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla; Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla;
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  • Published: 01 Aug 2018 Journal: Journal of High Energy Physics, volume 2,018, issue 8, pages 1-34 (issn: 1029-8479, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: SpringerOpen
We perform a detailed analysis for the prospects of detecting active-sterile oscillations involving a light sterile neutrino, over a large $\Delta m^2_{41}$ range of $10^{-5}$ eV$^2$ to $10^2$ eV$^2$, using 10 years of atmospheric neutrino data expected from the proposed 50 kt magnetized ICAL detector at the INO. This detector can observe the atmospheric $\nu_{\mu}$ and $\bar\nu_{\mu}$ separately over a wide range of energies and baselines, making it sensitive to the magnitude and sign of $\Delta m^2_{41}$ over a large range. If there is no light sterile neutrino, ICAL can place competitive upper limit on $|U_{\mu 4}|^2 \lesssim 0.02$ at 90\% C.L. for $\Delta m^...
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