Muhasebe İçin Yeni Ufuklar: Sosyal Muhasebe

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Ertuna, Özer;
  • Publisher: Oktay Güvemli Muhasebe ve Finans Tarihi Vakfı (MUFTAV)
  • Journal: Sayı: 3 (issn: 2146-4928, eissn: 2651-3870)
  • Publisher copyright policies & self-archiving
  • Subject: Accounting, The Future of Accounting, Social Accounting | Muhasebe, Muhasebenin Geleceği, Sosyal Muhasebe

Currently financial accounting function is going through an accelerated transformation. In this transformation the area of interest of the accounting function is expanding to serve the information needs of a greater number of interest groups’ wider spectrum of interests... View more
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