Robotic Hand Controlling Based on Flexible Sensor

Article OPEN
Bilgin, Süleyman ; Üser, Yavuz ; Mercan, Muhammet (2016)
  • Publisher: Akdeniz University
  • Journal: (issn: 1309-0267, eissn: 1309-0267)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.24107/ijeas.281463
  • Subject: Flexible Sensor,Robotic Hand,Blender 3D

Today's technology has increased the interest in robotic systems andincrease the number of studies realized in this area.  There are many studies on robotic systems inseveral fields to facilitate human life in the literature. In this study, arobot hand is designed to repeat finger movements depending upon flexiblesensors mounted on any wearable glove. In the literature, various sensors thatdetect the finger movement are used. The sensor that detects the angle of thefingers has been shown to provide high accuracy although cheap in presentresearch. Moreover, by entering the sensor data into the open source interfaceprogram called Blender 3D, it can be seen on the program how the hand of therobot moves. Thanks to the prototype of robotic hand in this study is developedwith different materials and mechanisms, it is possible to carry out experimentalstudies at low cost in places where it is unsuitable for human health andsafety. The angle data on the sensors and servo motor position information aretransmitted through the RF 433 MHz wireless module. The determinations relatedto robot hand control are performed with Arduino card. 
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