The Analysis of the Graduate Theses Related to Programming Instruction

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Benzer, Ali İhsan ; Erümit, Ali Kürşat (2019)
  • Publisher: Karadeniz Technical University
  • Journal: (issn: 2149-4495, eissn: 2149-4495)
  • Subject: Programming,Programming Instruction,Content Analysis,Graduate Theses

Theaim of this study is to examine graduate theses including theexperimental study on programming instruction in the subject of“education and training” in Turkey by using content analysismethod. Theresearch problem of this study is "how are the tendencies ofgraduate theses including experimental study on programminginstruction?"In this context, it focuses on the following sub-problems:Regardingthe graduate theses with experimental study on programminginstruction in Turkey;Whatis the distribution by year?Whatis the distribution by thesis type?Whatis the distribution by research method?Whatis the distribution by sample type?Whatis the distribution by data collection tool?Whatis the distribution by programming tool is used?Whatis the distribution by programming language is used?Whatis the distribution by duration of the experiment?Thisstudy is planned as qualitative research and it is based on documentanalysis as data collection method. The thesis review form thatprepared by researchers was used to collect the data. The contentanalysis was used to analyze of the data collected in the study. As aresult of the searching in the Thesis Center of Council of HigherEducation, 29 theses which contain at least one of the terms"programlama", "kodlama", "coding" and"programming" in the abstract of the study in the subjectof "education and training " were selected and examined forthe purpose of research. The graduate theses included in this studywere coded based on the thesis review form. The findings of thisstudy were displayed in graphs showing the frequency and percentagevalues.Accordingto the findings obtained from the graduate theses by using the thesisreview form, it was found out that;Thenumber of master's theses is more than the number of doctoraldissertations.Thenumber of theses related to programming instruction has increased inrecent years.Themost preferred research method is the mixed research method.Themost used data collection tools are the scales and the successtests. In addition, many theses have used more than one datacollection tool. The most commonly preferred scale type is theprogramming attitude scale.Themost preferred sampling type is the undergraduate level. The most ofthe undergraduate students are enrolled in the department ofcomputer education and instructional technology in the faculty ofeducation.Themost preferred programming language for programming instruction isthe C# programming language.Insome of the theses, the multimedia materials developed by theresearcher are used to support programming instruction. The impactof the media on teaching programming was investigated in thesetheses. In some of the theses, the block based programming tools areused. In these theses the effect of the programming tool on teachingprogramming is examined. The most preferred visual programming toolis Scratch.Themost of the experiments lasted between 4 and 6 weeks.Accordingto the results of the research, suggestions related to programminginstruction can be listed as following;Theresearch can be conducted for pre-primary, primary and secondaryschool students about programming instruction.Theresearch can be conducted for students in various undergraduateprograms other than the department of computer education andinstructional technology.Theproblem-solving and software development approaches can be used inthe research for programming instruction.Instructionaldesign models can be used for effective programming instruction.Themethods about how programming should be taught can be investigatedand compared.
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