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Article Turkish OPEN
Oğuz, Hatice Şule (2014)
  • Publisher: Hacettepe University
  • Journal: Çağın Ruhu ve Karşı-Hegemonya (issn: 2148-970X, eissn: 2148-970X)
  • Subject: Stuart Hall,Çağdaş Kültürel Çalışmalar Merkezi,kültür,direniş,hegemonya | Stuart Hall,Çağdaş Kültürel Çalışmalar Merkezi,kültür,direniş,hegemonya

An attempt to write an article that focuses on Stuart Hall’s work following his death requires addressing such issues such as the New Left,BirminghamSchool, British Cultural Studies, racism, post-colonialism, resistance, hegemony, sub-cultures, reception studies, popular culture, negotiated reading, identity and ethnicity. As Grossberg (2006) notes it is pretty difficult to identify any single position, interest, tradition or methodology in Hall’s work. The “multi-emphasis” in his works increases as they become linked with collective intellectual studies (2006: 152). Eagleton also draws attention to this multi-emphasis: “Hall was pitched between conceptual systems as well as countries, alert to the rough edges of any single doctrinal system, as heterodox in theory as he was hybrid in culture” (Eagleton, 2005: 208). Addressing Hall’s academic works throughout more than half century with a view to all these moments is beyond the scope of this article.In this frame, I take issue with Hall’s academic interests in terms of two main intersections: First, I will address Hall’s relationship with the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. As a second intersection, I will focus on the decisive role of Gramsci’s works and his conceptualization of hegemony on Hall's academic-cum-political interests.
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