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SONGUR, Levent ; TURAN, Abdullah ; SONGUR, Gökçen (2016)
  • Publisher: Akademik Bakış
  • Journal: Sayı: 55 (issn: 1694-528X, eissn: 1694-528X)
  • Subject: An Organisation of Post and Telegraph (PTT), Post Office Clerks, Service, Service Quality, Job Satisfaction | PTT, Gişe Görevlisi, Hizmet, Hizmet Kalitesi, İş Tatmini

An Organisation of Post and Telegraph (hereinafter PTT), which has begun to act with the enactment of first postal regulations as a name of Postane-i Amire (Post Office) in Istanbul, offers many kinds of services to our citizens with close to 4.000 branch offices. Service is an abstract phenomenon that provides social benefits to customers as a physical and psychological, and to society as a time and spatial. A rapid improvement has been seen in the service sector, and human, and their ever-changing and increased expectations are understood the reason of the developments in this area. This study will try to put forward the level of job satisfaction of PTT post office clerks who offer many kinds of services to our citizens to meet their expectations, continuously carry out their work face-to-face, and have an intense work pressure. Once PTT post office clerks who offer banking, mailing and logistics services are ensured a high level of job satisfaction, the services offer to citizens will ensure a higher quality. At this stage, the research data of this study performed to measure job satisfaction and to enhance the quality of service, was obtained by questionnaire with PTT post office clerks in Konya province. According to the results obtained from research, post office clerks have expressed to feel pleased dealing with their works during office hours permanently, and workplace friendship relations will have a positive impact on job satisfaction. On the other side, they stated that they were dissatisfied in case of the fact that they do not have opportunities to work independently and have a monotonous work environment in the workplace. Moreover, they have not given their ideas either positively or negatively on management style and decisions given by managers; and further some suggestions to develop post office clerks job satisfaction will be given in the result section.
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