On The Etymology of Some Lichen Genera Names

Article OPEN
Yavuz, Mustafa (2016)
  • Publisher: Eurasscience Journals
  • Journal: (issn: 2147-7507, eissn: 2147-7507)
  • Subject: Likenler, Cins, İkili Adlandırma

This study aims to investigate the etymology of some lichens’ genera names used in modern taxonomical botany. Growing on rocks, trees and even on soil, lichens are the only terrestrial cryptogamic organisms containing a fungal and an algal partner. Within this study, it has been focused to diagnose and improve an understanding of the similarities and differences between the names of lichen genera by comparing them in several languages. The etymological data collected during the study belongs to thirty-one lichen genera as follows: Alectoria, Arthonia, Calicium, Caloplaca, Cetraria, Cladonia, Collema, Cornicularia, Evernia, Fulgensia, Graphis, Gyalecta, Lecanora, Lecidea, Letharia, Lobaria, Nephroma, Opegrapha, Parmelia, Peltigera, Pertusaria, Psora, Ramalina, Roccella, Sticta, Thamnolia, Umbilicaria, Urceolaria, Usnea, Verrucaria and Xanthoria. As a result, it is found that, the analogical principle in the similitude of three genera Evernia, Letharia and Roccella still remain obscure while eleven genera have been named in allusion to the morphological characters of their fructifications for instance podetia (1 genus) and apothecia (10 genera); that of seventeen genera have been named in allusion to the morphological characters of thalli for instance colours and only a few have been named for their exceptional properties such as the attachment on substrata, or the habitat preference. Except for Roccella genus, Genera Names in Turkish have been coined as proposal for each genus in the list, having in consideration of the contextual background for the terminology. Thus, it is considered that the topic would be more attractive and understandable for young scientists, students, learners, amateurs and public. Keywords; Lichens, Genus, Binomial Nomenclature
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