Absorbing Property of Multi-layered Short Carbon Fiber Absorbing Coating

Article OPEN
Liu, Zhaohui ; Tao, Rui ; Ban, Guodong ; Luo, Ping (2019)
  • Publisher: Gazi University
  • Journal: (issn: 2147-1762, eissn: 2147-1762)
  • Subject: short carbon fiber,absorbing coating,multi-layered,absorbing property

The radar absorbing coating was prepared with short carbon fiber asabsorbent and waterborne polyurethane (WPU) as matrix resin. The coating’s absorbing property was tested with vectornetwork analyzer, using aramid honeycomb as air layer which was matched withcarbon fiber coating. The results demonstrate that the single-layered carbonfiber absorbing coating presented relatively poor absorbing property when thelayer was thin, and the performance was slightly improved after the matched airlayer was adopted. Then the multi-layered carbon fiber absorbing coating was producedby matching the air layer with absorbing coating of varied carbon fibercontent. Consequently, the absorption intensityand the band width of effective absorptionwere significantly enhanced. According to varied matching methods betweencarbon fiber coating and air layer, the composite coating’s reflectivityreached a minimum of -23dB, and the reflectivity was less than -10dB within therange of 4-13GHz, the band width of effective absorptionreached 9GHz.
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