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  • Publisher: KERİM ÇETİNKAYA
  • Journal: (issn: 2602-3350, eissn: 2602-3350)
  • Subject: Education, additive manufacturing, three dimensional printing | Eğitim, eklemeli imalat, üç boyutlu baskı

Additive manufacturing technologies which are emerge in 1980’s years, they are using for prototip production in first time for that reason their denomination rapid prototyping . Nowadays it called additive manufacturing because of it using for end use functional part’s production. In additive manufacturing, the basic rationales the same, but many different technologies have been developed to manufacture with different approaches. The most common additive manufacturing technologies are stereolithography (SLA), fused deposition modelling (FDM), 3 dimensional printer (3DP), selective laser sintering (SLS), selective laser melting (SLM) and electron beam melting (EBM). Addictive manufacturing technologies are becoming increasingly widespread in medicine, dentistry, aerospace industry, automotive, jewelry. It is estimated that Industrial 4.0 will have a key position in the industrial revolution, which has been mentioned frequently in recent years. In this sense, it is thought that the training and use of addictive manufacturing technologies in vocation schools that produce technical staff of industrialization will contribute to the realization of the industrial revolution of our country. In this study has been made on introducing additive manufacturing (three-dimensional printing) technologies and its applicabilty in associate degree education. Additive manufacturing technologies can be used in technical, health and social sciences in associate degree education, so it is considered that the students will be more skillful, technical and equipped and will have a positive effect in reaching the future industral strategy aims of the country
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