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Topçu, İlhan ; Çolakoğlu, Gülsüm Yeşim ; Keleş, Uğur (2016)
  • Publisher: DAKAM (Özgür Öztürk BİLSAS)
  • Journal: (issn: 2147-9801, eissn: 2147-9801)
  • Subject: aerodynamic door top profile, door top profile, Reduction of fuel consumption on tractor trailer, fuel efficient trailer, fuel efficient tractor trailer combination

Fuel efficiency in vehicles is the important issue that dwells on for recent years not only for consumed fuel cost but also for the reduction of pollution caused by emission. There are several factor which affect the fuel consumption. One of them is aerodynamic resistance. Any decrease in the aerodynamic resistance has a great importance at fuel consumption. Especially fuel consumption in tractor trailer combination is much more than other automobiles. The main purpose of this report is to explain the reduction of aerodynamic force and as a result of this fuel consumption will be reduced by using new aerodynamic door top profile on tractor trailer combination. The new aerodynamic door top profile is an important component used to minimize losses caused aerodynamic resistance and to reach desired velocity with less engine power and less fuel. In this study, calculation is done based on the empirical formulas in order to find forces that affect the whole vehicle and aerodynamic force reduction with the usage of new aerodynamic door top profile. New aerodynamic door top profile is designed properly base upon these calculation. Necessary CFD Analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is performed over this design to verify the calculation
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