The Effect of the Interval Training During 8-Week Preparation Period on the Athletic Performances of 9-12 Year Old Swimmers

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SEVER, M. Onur ; CICIOGLU, H. Ibrahim (2018)
  • Publisher: Uluslararası Bilim Kültür ve Spor Derneği
  • Subject: Interval training,aerobic endurance,anaerobic capacity,anaerobic force,respiratory functions

The aim of this study was to determine the effect ofinterval training on the athletic performances of 9-12 years old swimmers inaddition to the eight-week preparation stage. Athletes were split into twogroups as the ones with performing branch specific swimming training (n=9) andthe ones with performing interval training along with swimming training (n=11).Before and after training programs, 12-minutes Cooper test was applied todetermine aerobic endurance in both groups. Wingate test was used for anaerobicmeasurements. Respiratory functions measurements were done with Spirometer.According to the results, level of body weight, body mass index, VO2max, relative maximumstrength, relative anaerobic capacity, forced vital capacity and maximumvoluntary ventilation was found to beinsignificant between groups (p>0.05) while vital capacity and forcedexpiratory volume values were found to be significant between groups(p<0.05). Two-way analysis of variance wasused in statistical analysis of the dataobtained in this study. When measurement times were compared, body weight,forced vital capacity, forced expiratory volume, vital capacity and maximumvoluntary ventilation values were found as insignificant (p>0.05), yet bodymass index, VO2max, relative maximum force and relative anaerobiccapacity levels were found to be significant (p<0.05). In conclusion, whilebody mass of athletes was reduced by3.55% with interval training made in addition to swimming training, increase inforced vital capacity and forced expiratory volumes of athletes were determinedas 1.35% and 8.79%, respectively. This result shows that interval training performed during preparation stageaffect the performance of child athletes.
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