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TEZEL ŞAHİN, Fatma (2015)
  • Publisher: Uluslararası Bilim Kültür ve Spor Derneği
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.14486/IJSCS203
  • Subject: Anne, Çocuk, Anne-Çocuk İlişkisi

The social institution where a child first meet with his birth and sets his social relations is his family. The communication of parents and other members of family determines the place of child in the family. In the preschool period when the basis of future lives is formed, healthy relations made with child are of great importance. What kind of a person the child starting to perceive himself and his environment in this period will be is determined with the life in this period. Family and relations within family as a structure have an impact on the child. Relations within family and experiences will be determinants of the relations with others. In particular, the tie formed in the earlier years between mother and child will have an effect on the personality creation and social relations in the period of adolescence and adulthood. Successful relations of the child and unconditioned love and trust that will be built with his mother is known to be the basis of their future life. In order that a mother could get in a healthy relation with her child, it is necessary that she should have an attitude of self-confidence, respectful, sensible to his problems, collaborative, sharing the feelings and views her children and accepting them. Mothers having an insisting attitude not to accept their views and excluding them and not looking for a logic in their views cannot build a healthy relation. Children growing up with a healthy mother – child relation will become independent individuals with a self-esteem. The basis of a healthy mother – child relation depends on an infancy period starting with the process of pregnancy and going on with physical contact and nutrition after birth. Mother’s feeding of her baby, her care and preparation for life creates love and feeling of trust at child. When the child becomes an adult, he will guide his life with these two basic feelings. Mother should be a person giving her love to him, supporting the child in order to make him attain his personality. In this circle where enough support is given to the child, the qualities of the discipline and education given by the mother are positive. The child is grown up as brave and adaptive persons to the society. He learns to build his life upon positive efforts. The purpose of the current study was to determine a healthy mother-child relation, its importance and factors affecting mother-child relation. In this line, the studies regarding the issue were discussed and some recommendations were given over the studies to be carried out.
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