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Çileroğlu, Birsen ; Kelleci Özeren, Figen ; Kıvılcımlar, İnci Seda (2015)
  • Publisher: Uluslararası Bilim Kültür ve Spor Derneği
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.14486/IJSCS135
  • Subject: moda, trend, kış sporu, kayak giysileri, tasarım özellikleri | moda, trend, kış sporu, kayak giysileri, tasarım özellikleri

Popularity of Ski Sport in 19th century necessitated a new perspective on protective skiing clothing against the mountain climates and excessive cold. Winter clothing were the basis of ski attire during this period.  By the beginning of 20th century lining cloth were used to minimize the wind effect. The difference between the men and women’s ski attire of the time consisted of a knee-length skirts worn over the golf trousers.  Subsequent to the First World War, skiing suit models were influenced by the period uniforms and the producers reflected the fashion trends to the ski clothing. In conformance with the prevailing trends, ski trousers were designed and produced for the women thus leading to reduction in gender differences. Increases in the ski tourism and holding of the first winter olympics in 1924 resulted in variations in ski attires, development of design characteristics,  growth in user numbers, and enlargement of production capacities. Designers emphasized in their collections combined presence of elegance and practicality in the skiing attire. In 1930s, the ski suits influenced by pilots’ uniforms included characteristics permitting freedom of motion, and the design elements exhibited changes in terms of style, material and aerodynamics. In time, the ski attires showed varying design features distinguishing professionals from the amateurs.  While protective functionality was primary consideration for the amateurs, for professionals the aerodynamic design was also a leading factor. Eventually, the increased differences in design characteristics were exhibited in ski suit collections, World reknown brands were formed, production and sales volumes showed significant rise.  During 20th century the ski suits influenced by fashion trends to acquire unique styles reached a position of dominance to impact current fashion trends, and apart from sports attires they became a style determinant in the clothing of cold climates.  Ski suits worn for sporting activities survived significant progressive changes in a century long design and development period. Identification of these changes is deemed valuable both for the ski sport and fashion trend variations in terms of sports attires. This study aims to examine the evolution of ski suit models from its earliest days to the present. The data of the study consists of attire illustrations, pictures and photographs obtained through documents analyses. Data obtained are resolved by visual analyses of models and design characteristics. Due to increased popularity and impact of ski attires on the current fashion the study is considered to be significant and interesting. 
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