Article Turkish OPEN
ŞİMŞEK, Gizem (2013)
  • Publisher: Özel Akademi
  • Journal: (issn: 1304-0278, eissn: 1304-0278)
  • Subject: Cinema/Movies, Policy, horror cinema, critical theory, ideology | Sinema, politika, korku sineması, eleştirel kuram, ideoloji

Social events have affected humans throughout the history of humanity causing the formation of many new movements and thoughts. Film industry, being the seventh art form, has also been affected by current social and political events thereby becoming transformed just like all other art forms. Horror movies which were first seen along with the first examples of movies in time became a genre by itself thanks to Hollywood and includes many film varieties that best reflect these transformations. Horror movies strived on scary middle age and gothic literature and in time has been shaped by the current social and political events. New beliefs and horrors have been added to older ones which in time increased the anxiety and horror elements. Horrors of witches and inquisition were replaced by the atom bomb and doomsday which was later on replaced by serial killers. In this study, the effects of political, social and current events on horror movies will be determined by making use of critical theory. The analysis of social status will be examined in decade long intervals under the light of these findings to determine which horror elements were caused by which social events. In the political, social and agenda of events that make up most prominent effects of fear critical theory may be found. In this state that social status is based on dealing with analysis of ten-year processes that are to be examined and What kind of horror elements which social events which cause has been analysed as it is.
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