Turkish Press in Social Media

Article OPEN
AYTEN, Adem (2013)
  • Publisher: Istanbul Aydin University
  • Journal: Cilt: 5 Sayı: 20 (issn: 1309-1352, eissn: 2149-0074)
  • Subject: Turkish printmedia, social media, facebook, twitter, googleplus | Türk basını, sosyal medya, facebook, twitter, googleplus

Social media, is one of the most researched facts today by the commications fellows. To get in use by Web 2.0 social media becomes common due to the rise of using mobile technologies. Instead of competing with traditional media and being an alternative media, social media is a new media that traditional media can transfer its content to it and can benefit its advantages. Indeed,the traditional media carried its content to the websites to access of their readers/listeners/watchers to compete with the new media when internet became common. And with the transform of new media to social media, the traditional media is carried to social media. Well, now, in which social media is Turkish printmedia? And what are the statistics of Turkish print media in social? Is there a correlation between their circulation and their social media’s statistics?
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