Activity-by-Contact model of enhancer specificity from thousands of CRISPR perturbations

Preprint English OPEN
Fulco, Charles P.; Nasser, Joseph; Jones, Thouis R.; Munson, Glen; Bergman, Drew T.; Subramanian, Vidya; Grossman, Sharon R.; Anyoha, Rockwell; Patwardhan, Tejal A.; Nguyen, Tung H.; Kane, Michael; Doughty, Benjamin; Perez, Elizabeth M.; Durand, Neva C.; Stamenova, Elena K.; Aiden, Erez Lieberman; Lander, Eric S.; Engreitz, Jesse M.;

Abstract Mammalian genomes harbor millions of noncoding elements called enhancers that quantitatively regulate gene expression, but it remains unclear which enhancers regulate which genes. Here we describe an experimental approach, based on CRISPR interference, RNA FIS... View more
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