Cpipe: a shared variant detection pipeline designed for diagnostic settings

Preprint OPEN
Sadedin, Simon; Dashnow, Harriet; James, Paul; Taylor, Graham; Gaff, Clara; Oshlack, Alicia; Lunke, Sebastian; Lonie, Andrew; Bauer, Denis; Thorne, Natalie; Alliance, Melbourne; Bahlo, Melanie; Ross, Jason; Macciocca, Ivan; Siemering, Kirby; Stark, Zornitza; White, Sue;
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1101/020388
  • Subject: bepress|Life Sciences|Biology | bepress|Life Sciences|Bioinformatics

The benefits of implementing high throughput sequencing in the clinic are quickly becoming apparent. However, few freely available bioinformatics pipelines have been built from the ground up with clinical genomics in mind. Here we present Cpipe, a pipeline designed spec... View more
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