Hydrogenase biomimetics with redox-active ligands: Synthesis, structure and electrocatalytic studies on Fe2(CO)4(K2-dppn)(µ-edt) (edt = ethanedithiolate; dppn = 1,8-bis(diphenylphosphino)naphthalene)

Preprint OPEN
Hollingsworth, Nathan; Richmond, Michael; Kabir, Shariff; Rana, Shahed; Hogarth, Graeme; Ghosh, Shishir;

Addition of the bulky redox-active diphosphine 1,8-bis(diphenylphosphino)naphthalene (dppn) to [Fe2(CO)6(-edt)] (1) (edt = 1,2-ethanedithiolate) affords [Fe2(CO)4(2-dppn)(-edt)] (3) as the major product, together with small amounts of a P-C bond cleavage product [Fe2... View more
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