Work optimization predicts accretionary faulting: An integration of physical and numerical experiments

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Maillot, Bertrand; Cooke, Michele; Mcbeck, Jessica; Souloumiac, Pauline; Herbert, Justin;
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/A42BD, doi: 10.31223/OSF.IO/A42BD
  • Subject: EarthArXiv|Physical Sciences and Mathematics|Earth Sciences | EarthArXiv|Physical Sciences and Mathematics|Earth Sciences|Tectonics and Structure | bepress|Physical Sciences and Mathematics|Earth Sciences | bepress|Physical Sciences and Mathematics|Earth Sciences|Tectonics and Structure | EarthArXiv|Physical Sciences and Mathematics | bepress|Physical Sciences and Mathematics

We employ work optimization to predict the geometry of frontal thrusts at two stages of an evolving physical accretion experiment. Faults that produce the largest gains in efficiency, or change in external work per new fault area, ΔWext/ΔA, are considered most likely to... View more
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