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High Resolution, Millennial-Scale Patterns of Bed Compensation on a Sand-Rich Intraslope Submarine Fan, Western Niger Delta Slope

Zane Richards Jobe; Zoltan Sylvester; Nick C Howes; Carlos Pirmez; Andrew Parker; Alessandro Cantelli; Ru Smith; Matthew Wolinsky; Ciaran O'Byrne; Niall Slowey; ...
  • Published: 28 Jan 2018
  • Publisher: EarthArXiv
<p>Near-seafloor core and seismic-reflection data from the western Niger Delta continental slope document the facies, architecture, and evolution of submarine channel and intraslope submarine fan deposits. The submarine channel enters an 8 km long x 8 km wide intraslope basin, where more than 100 m of deposits form an intraslope submarine fan. Lobe deposits in the intraslope submarine fan show no significant downslope trend in sand presence or grain size, indicating that flows were bypassing sediment through the basin. This unique dataset indicates that intraslope lobe deposits may have more sand-rich facies near lobe edges than predicted by traditional lobe fac...
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