Balkan war in picture and words: Kosovo avengers

Article Serbian OPEN
Ženarju, Ivana (2012)
  • Journal: Baština (issn: 0353-9008)
  • Subject: Balkan war | cult of heroes | solider | ruler | Paja Jovanović | Prizren | Kosovska Mitrovica

This paper deals with the analysis of the illustrations in the magazine The Balkan War in Picture and Words published in Belgrade during 1913. The paper processed the pictures that had related to the territory of Kosovo and Metohia, most of them are the portraits of soldiers, so-called Kosovo Avengers. The portraits of priests were published as well, which pointed out their importance in the liberation activities. Also, it published the photos of military graves, Kosovo towns and areas. The magazine was conceived so as to celebrate the cult of the battlefield heroes as well as the cult of Kosovo through its texts and illustrated material.
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