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The study of 2-acetylaminotoluene ozonolysis in acetic ACID

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  • Published: 11 Dec 2014 Journal: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies (issn: 1729-4061, eissn: 1729-3774, Copyright policy)
The kinetics and mechanism of ozone reaction with 2-aminotoluene and its acylated derivative in acetic acid were studied in order to determine the possibility of obtaining 2-aminobenzoic acid.It is shown that the 2-aminotoluene ozonolysis reaction in acetic acid solution runs at high speed, and preferably on the free electron pair of the amino group to form mainly resinous compounds; oxidation products by the methyl group of the substrate are not formed under these conditions. The ozone attack direction changes towards oxidation of the methyl group and the aromatic ring by N-acylation of the amino group. 2-Acetylaminotoluene reacts with ozone to form mainly degr...
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free text keywords: ozonolysis; 2-acetylaminotoluene; ozone; acetic acid; oxidation; 2- acetylaminobenzaldehyde; 2-aminobenzoic acid, УДК 541.127: 542.943, озонолиз; 2-ацетаминотолуол; озон; уксусная кислота; окисление; 2-ацетаминобензальдегид; 2-ацетаминобензойная кислота, озоноліз; 2-ацетамінотолуол; озон; оцтова кислота; окиснення; 2-ацетамінобензальдегід; 2-ацетамінобензойна кислота, Benzoic acid, chemistry.chemical_compound, chemistry, Organic chemistry, Catalytic oxidation, Acetic acid, Ozonolysis, Substrate (chemistry), Ozone, Hydrolysis, Methyl group

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