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Deyneka, Stanislav (2018)
  • Publisher: http://www.stu.cn.ua
  • Journal: Technical sciences and technology (issn: 2519-4569, eissn: 2411-5363)
  • Subject: vegetables; sowing machine; hydroseeder; germinated seeds; research | овочі; висівний апарат; гідросівалка; пророщене насіння; дослідження | овощи; высевающий аппарат;гидросеялка; пророщенные семена; исследование

Urgency of the research. The article deals with the problem of early harvest of vegetable crops without the additional use of herbicides and other chemicals, since all this reduces the nutritional value and the usefulness of early vegetables. Transportation of vegetables from the southern areas requires additional costs affecting the price of early products. Target setting. In order to improve the quality of vegetables, as well as to reduce the time of appearance of even and level sprouts, the method of sowing vegetable geminated grain with the help of a hydroseeder was offered. Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. The scientific researches of Cherkashchenko H. M., Deshko V. I., Konoval A. A., Kuzmenko L. I., Yashchuk D. A., Olkhovsky M. F., Bakum M. V., Munchisky Yu. A., Klimchuk A. D., Boyko V. B., Trufliak E. V., Yarkin D. S. are devoted to the design of the sowing machine to sow germinated seeds. Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. However, the proposed designs of sowing apparatus are not suitable for sawing germinated of light vegetable sprouted seeds, since the starch in the seed peel upon contact with water leads to the adhesion of seeds to the parts of the sowing apparatus. It is the reason of seeds and sprouts damage during sowing, low field germination, and as a result, inefficiency of using the sowing apparatus. The research objective. The purpose of the article is to describe the structure of the designed hydroseeder, its technical characteristics and operating principles; present the results of the study how the concentration of germinated vegetable seeds in working tanks influences the seeding evenness. The statement of basic materials. The author of the article developed the construction of a hydroseeder in which the process of seeds preparation for sowing and the dosed sowing of seeds by aerohydraulic method together with the liquid without sprouts damage take place. The article deals with the construction of a hydraseeder and the principles of its operation. The proposed hydroseeder is especially effective for sowing of moist and germinated grain on the household plots, in the country gardens, in greenhouses when growing vegetable crops and medicinal plants. This hydroseeder is multifunctional. It can be used for direct watering of plant in a row with a small water dose or with a nourient solution. The designed hydroseeder also allows to provide presowing preparation of the seeds namely to aerify (to bubble) seeds. The results of the research how the concentration of vegetable geminated grain in working tanks influences the seeding evenness were presented. Conclusions. The use of a hydropower allows you to create normal conditions for germination of seeds and getting early sprouts in a short time, which is an important task in the technology of early vegetables growing. Otherwise, the index of field similarity of the seeds decreases, the required density of plants is not ensured, the output of standard products is reduced. The preliminary tests of the hydroseeder have shown that its use does not only shorten the time between the seeding process and the emergence, but also economizes seeds. This is very important in modern economic conditions, when vegetable seeds are quite expensive.
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