Features of real-time systems

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Зинченко, Сергей Валериевич; Зинченко, Валерий Петрович;
  • Publisher: FASS, NTUU "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytecnic Institute"
  • Journal: Information systems, mechanics and control (issn: 2519-2256, eissn: 2219-3804)
  • Subject: системи; реальний час; програми; операційні системи | systems; real time; programs; operating systems | систем; реальное время; программы; операционные системы

The purpose of the work is to analyze the features and functioning of the RTS, RT operating systems (RTOS) and the development of applied programs (AP) for RTS; RTS standards; characteristics and analysis of the RTOS; problems of extensions of RT based on Linux and Wind... View more
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